Self-Portrait on Mylar, 2012 



Andres’ artistic efforts consist of experiential installations, artifacts, residues, and somewhat lively archives from her associations with diverse creatures, beings, phenomena, and matter. Aspects of concepts hacked into process + materials are stylized, or aestheticized, resulting in vulnerable gestures to accentuate a desire for inter/intra-connectivity. The general idea is to centre on and share attractors, or random forms of experience through semi-fictional narratives. Recent exhibitions include Sandstone City, The Lougheed House, Calgary, The Garden of Speculations at Articule, le Centre des arts actuels Skol, Montréal, La Maison des arts de Laval, Actuel Contemporary, Winnipeg, PIKSEL, Bergen, Norway, Cirque du Soleil Headquarters, Montréal, and Action Art Actuel, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Andres is currently writing her Ph.D dissertation titled “Perpetual Chimera: Performativity Among Radicle Assemblages” at Concordia University. Her current project is called "nevis nevis nevis" and seeks to explore cosmographic-scaled conceptual mapping of the various sedimentations + stratifications among a continuous expansion of "place" to be referred to as much more than a name. naming practices are explored in subjective and contorted methodologies of feeling and letting things be. 

Le travail d’Andres s'intéresse au vivant et a ses différentes incarnations, dont les associations - å travers installations, artefacts, généalogies - génère un espace d’expériences où le temps du sujet se fond avec celui des objets. Selon sa formule “concepts hacked into process + materials”, Andres accentue l'esthétisme de l’interconnexion entre les organismes vivants, en exploitant les pôles d’attraction qui existent entre ces derniers, des formes d'expériences aléatoires et des personnages semi-fictifs. La fusion temporelle de toutes ces modalités en serait l’objectif. Ses expositions les plus récentes incluent : Articule, le Centre des arts actuels SKOL (Mtl), La Maison des arts (Laval), Actuel Contemporary (Winnipeg), PIKSEL (Norvège), Cirque du Soleil (Mtl), Action Art Actuel (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu). Andres est présentement doctorante a l'Université Concordia (Mtl).

My work often intermingles ecology and energies; from living beings such as plants and micro-organisms with electronic mediums such as radio waves, electrons, and photons, into the form of interactive installations and performances for specific geophysical sites. I often work with common or overlooked organisms (due to size or perceived insignificance) such as yeast, funghi, poultry, and plant to facilitate a perceptual shift -- thus the installations and sculptures are participatory and alive. This process involves an appropriation of materials and techniques from an unfamiliar discipline into the performative gesture. The projects then interweave these novel techniques into an aesthetic form of amateurism to question knowledge acquisition, the role of the generalist, and techne. Many of the works decompose, gradually breakdown, or synthesize to encourage compositional and material transitions.  I want to create a "situation" that cannot be instantly classified - that is hybrid and confusing in an attempt to escape categorization. Lately, I am thinking about the notion of duration -- the “life” or the ephemeral quality of artworks that incorporate phenonmena.